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Boost your Field Productivity
Precision Farming

Smart Technology at your fingertips

We calculate your needs

We make bigdata transparent and usable for farmers, we simply calculate the manure per square centimetre. This saves money for the farmer without any headaches.

Share to improve our services

We make sharing of data easy. Of course, you remain the owner of the data, but the great thing is that we combine the data of all the farmers worldwide to make the system better every time. Farmers make the difference.

We listen and talk

We think like farmers and listen to the latest insights for farmers and make this knowledge quickly available in our app.

You are in control

As a smart farmer, you have to make sure that the information technology works for you, not the other way around. This solution gives me less administration and more farmers freedom. This app automatically creates reports. This reduces my administrative burden. Reports are automatically stored.

Our data farmers producing results for farmers every day

Igor is a hypergeek 20 years experience in disruptive technology. Serial entrepreneur founder fieldprinter.world


Igor van Gemert

Mark Roest is one of the co founders of Vortech BV. Scientific Software Engineers. Over 20 years experience in scientific software development and Co Founder  of Fieldprinter.world

mark Roest

Jok Tang is a specialist in Big Data and responsible for project management/product delivery of fieldprinter.world

Jok Tang

“As a farmer, I want as much return as possible from my agricultural land. So the crops I grow should preferably be simulated before I can grow it. With this I make a smart investment decision before I start growing my crops.”

Our Data and Farmer Partners

About us

Born out of 100 years of disruptive entrepreneurial knowledge. A farmer’s understanding of the basics and making these (digital) insights available and accessible to every farmer on this planet.

Our mission

To grow our planet in a sustainable way that guarantees food production for our future generations.

Our offer

  • Farmer as a Service
  • Farming precision
  • Higher efficiency from your agricultural land

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